Katherine Hattam – Inventory

I’ve never paid much attention to this artist’s works in the past and I feel a bit ashamed to admit it. Katherine Hattam’s new works display the skill and passion of a master artist and is an absolute treat for anyone that likes staring into that various parts that make up a well constructed image. You must stand in front of these works – an online viewing will not capture the wonder of the realities Hattam’s works capture. Loose paintwork slides alongside sincere grey lead outlines. These paintings afford us an opportunity to observe a painters sincere translation of a very normal world. The work of the Fauves springs to mind – pared back, bright surreal colour, the sectioning of landscape. Hattam’s flattened perspectives and quirky human observations gives a whole new reading to life in Melbourne. It’s not all grey and normal. To this artist it rings with interesting observational relationships. On until December 4 at John Buckley Gallery.


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